Royer Films

Making of Generation Me – Indie Comedy Film Austin Texas from TrendSmashers on Vimeo.

Harlem 1930s from sram on Vimeo.

Hoochimann & Back Back Poet

Becoming an Indie Film Composer (Unabridged) – Scott K. Haskin

The Allure of Independent Films: An Idiosyncratic Look at Indie Films, Directors and Genres (Unabridged) – Larry Christopher

Samuel Salvodon

Jyllian Gunther

Todd Montesi

Film Tips

EDITING TIP – cutting on motion from Peter John Ross on Vimeo.
Peter John Ross
Gareth Edwards on Filmmaking from Into Film on Vimeo.
Gareth Edwards
Tech Tip – Buying Your First Camera from Framelines TV on Vimeo.
Framelines TV

Blog Sights

The Frugal Filmmaker
All kinds of cool ways to get your movie made without breaking the bank…
By Scott Eggleson

Warpline Film
Everyone has a Story to tell

Web Sights

No Filmm School
Stories that help us become better filmmakers..

Do You Need a Film Review

Sight Sites Guide film collaborative

Champion Move Only

This Indie Film Made at least 200K on Itunes
With just a camera, and no money

For Lovers Only

Whats Good, Submit Some Suggestions

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