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A little on Truth Universal (Updated Post)

Truth be told – He’s a big DealThe first time I heard of Truth Universal..
It was sometime between 2002 and 2004, I don’t remember the exact date. I told a female in New Orléans what my plans were for the future of the Media biz, and how I felt it related to my life’s purpose. She got really excited and was like yo, you gotta hear this then. she played a Truth Universal CD, and I liked it, then, she said, “you have to meet Truth, he’s the truth.” She was speaking of Truth Universal, she picked up the phone and called him or his Wis right up, invited them over, and made some food. Holme girl I thank you for putting me on to Truth Universal. Since then, I have followed Truth Universals progressive growth, and a host of other independent New Orléans Artist. I was just doing my thing as freelance street promoter, but I mainly worked with major Entertainment establishments, and wanted to do more with my time and talents for Indie Artist, Startups, and DIY. Truth Universal “Plantation Graffiti”-was one of the First physical CD I had gotten out of New Orléans during this time of Entrepreneurship in the New Millennium of Guerilla Marketing & Business. Still, on to 2014, with a New Album “Invent The Future,” he’s rocking hard with music that’s fresh, relevant, and Skilled.
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