Update to progress

All pages have been temporarily taken down and are under construction. This may last two days, or as long as a week. We are remodeling the site & operation for two main reasons; 1. to give visitors more access to content, and 2. Programming and Technical upgrades. We will still keep the no violence, or fights content rule. I will continue to post periodically until the site is back and running. To find out what’s happening now follow me @Getzfamous on https://twitter.com/Getzfamous. All Artist Looking for fans or a way to just Market, Advertise, or Promote follow any or all the potentially useful links below To; Give, Share, and Get Recognized https://twitter.com/getzfamous https://www.facebook.com/UFamous https://vimeo.com/getzfamous https://www.tumblr.com/search/getzfamous http://www.ustream.tv/channel/getzfamous https://soundcloud.com/getzfamous https://storify.com/GetzFamous http://www.mixcloud.com/getzfamous/ http://bandcamp.com/GetzFamousBC And more. So follow now, and Let’s continue Giving, Sharing, and Recognizing content with a meaning toward something greater than just ourselves.


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