Born Convicted

we are born into trouble and it sucks, although we are born from the top, perfect with what we got, born with a brain, Arms, legs, organs, a mouth, tongue, teeth, ears, a nose, and eyes, that is your bank, how you use it is up to you, but it should be used to foster positive growth and betterment of humanity.

How will I ever buy my freedom now
Born convicted

Racism is a culture and legal
The environment has claimed my rights of existence and passage,
Slavery in America’s at an all-time high.
The people (also a slang term for the police) in the big houses With plan-tations turned Corp-poor rapers, are pulling capers. The police have become overseers in this scheme, while select citizens are deputized to carry out the covert aspect of tricking you, into schemes to not fight in court. We the people, says it is legal to bully any one man who stands alone. But are any of us really ever alone? The POLICE may have profiled me for the last 18 years or more! They got it wrong but used the info in the right fashion to attempt to screw me. Which will, in turn, screws them. If under the rule government you were used, like race, age, sex, religion, and a host of misconduct, including threatening me and my family just to discriminate and Profile me, for what?. Look at the document! I’ve been barred from contributing to society, and instead, I’m a contribution to society, a money magnet/ and slave, by way of no recognition of human or civil rights.

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