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Brooklyn Inkspot In Da News Again

Open and Shut | Brownstoner
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Brooklyn keeps on.
In Brooklyn, Big Things

If you’re not familiar with Brooklyn Ink Spot, it’s the premier tattoo shop / Boutique on Franklin and Park Place, soon, formerly known as Brooklyn InkSpot 1. Coming soon will be Brooklyn InkSpot 2, which will be located on Franklin and st. Johns, It will replace the soul food restaurant. Brooklyn Ink Spot has produced some great artists and some great work aside from it being a local tattoo shops/ Boutique offering other creativity by the artist, it’s also been frequented by celebrities artist musicians actors rappers singers designers and more. Some very well-known artists from around the country and world has produced and provided Services at Brooklyn Ink. Some of the known worldwide artist you’ll find at Brooklyn Ink Spot providing services to the community and Beyond include Eddie stabs (World famous),Dammian Moore (from the world-famous Effum body works, Baton Rouge, La) Kevin Soomai AkA Killustator, T Heckart, Rah, and Brittany Genius. Brooklyn InkSpot’s owner Chardon Charles, who is also a trained expert in health & fitness, plans to bring a healthy eatery and training facility to the changing neighborhood in the near future, and is already planning Bella Greens in place of Brooklyn InkSpot 1, and Brooklyn fit lab at a site within this vicinity. Great things are happening in Brooklyn, and people from around the world are contributing.

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