Hip Hop Ciphers and Symphonies too

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Have you heard any of the Hip Hop Songs Entitled Symphony?
Symphony 2000 had to be 1 of the best remixes, in my book. I mean giving next to… Wait there is no best remix next to Symphony 2000 yet, I’m just saying, if you know it, tell us.!  So you gotta come up with some dopeness-ness-ness-ness, come with some freshness, Come with the real, bring the mall, I mean the bomb-bomb Z, this is the remake stuff that makes a difference and reflects positively on the aspect of Hip-Hop Culture and a natural cooperation of Human beings to deliver.  “Still fresh beyond it time like Self Destruction and Self Construction.

When Marley Marl, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G. Rap recorded the first Symphony, I bet they had no Idea it would have a 360 Universal, Cultural & Influential impact on Fans & Artist A-like; maybe they did-Seriously Hip Hop Symphonies are to Hip Hop (Ciphers) like Dream Teams are to Basketball. “The Cipher”


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