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"Curb Certified"- Serious

If you didn’t download Curb Certified yet, you better.  This joint is so fresh, great display of lyrical Expertise and production, consequence is sicker than the flu- You already know. Let’s mention the collabos, the great job Superstar Jay and Love dinero put down- You Best just get yours- you’ll be glad!  Cons, Thanks for another one.
Yo, word to everything i love, I’ve already listened to it like 8 times in the last 24.  It’s like Pulp Fiction- every time you go back its something else, something just keeps sounding fresher and fresher .- check it for yourselves, word.
Download “Curb Certified” -Consequence new mixtape album, FREE!!!For more from consequence, Visit Consequence online at Itsthecons.comIn Joy & in Peace,

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