Defining Dad

Defining Dad

By Christopher Williams
i could tell you all the things my father is. list and quantify his attributes.
i could tell you of all my father's accomplishments, naming each event and benchmark in his life's journey
i could write his biography and expound upon all the tales he told of his youth, be they tall or true.
and it may mean something to you.
it may not.
perhaps, i could give you insight on my father's short-comings, naming the ways he annoyed me as i grew up.
or maybe, i could tell of the ways i think he got things wrong
a few of you may dare to care.
perhaps a scathing expose on some scandalous happenstance from his past?
or a glowing review of the awesome job he did in raising me and my brother!
i will say he was the best storyteller i ever heard and how his bedtime stories are unparalleled!
i will say he was serious about making his suns value education and learning
i will say whether he lived in the same house as we did or not, he was there! making mid week visits to check homework or buy shoes or just cause he was near by.
i will say he taught us what he knew: hardwork, respect, dignity, discretion, responsibility and love.
i will say even his mistakes came from love
i will say he never stopped being the best man he knew how.
my father is not perfect. most heroes aren't. he lives by his code of honor and values. he walks tall and speaks with authority. he holds his head up and still acts in humility.
not everyone was privy to this experience. i consider myself lucky to be in the choice few to know him as i do. really blessed more than anything.
so, i guess i can't tell you who he is.
what i can tell you is who he is to me.
to me he is god on earth
to me he is the example of how to be
to me he is my personal hero.
he is my greatest teacher.
he is my father.
Defining Dad, By Christopher Williams



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