Fri. Jul 20th, 2018

Get Up On Bandcamp

If you’re not upon you my friend are missing out on a  musical experience. Every week they put out a weekly mix of selected songs from their Collection, it’s a great source for quality new music of all genres, and that’s just to name a few of the greats offerings from the music distribution site that don’t cost a dime to get started, and the largest collection of quality new music. Just in case you’re Just getting started and your new to band camp go to right now and listen to a bandcamp weekly to get started.


Perhaps you can start with these Artist!

P.U.D.G.E                   Sun Singleton            Dammian Moore      Boog Brown

Dont Touch my Drum Set             Moment                                          Digital Souljah                            In Tune

The End of the Beginning                                                                    Soulternative                              The Essence

OhMazing Grace


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