Get Up On Bandcamp

If you’re not upon you my friend are missing out on a  musical experience. Every week they put out a weekly mix of selected songs from their Collection, it’s a great source for quality new music of all genres, and that’s just to name a few of the great offerings from the music distribution site that don’t cost a dime to get started with a large collection of quality new music. Just in case you’re just getting started and/or you’re new to bandcamp go to now and listen to a bandcamp weekly to get started.  

Perhaps you can start with these Artist!

P.U.D.G.E, Sun Singleton, Dammian Moore, Tondrae Kemp, Boog Brown, Greg Banks, Impulss, K Gates, and More

Dont Touch my Drum Set            


Digital Souljah                           

In Tune

The End of the Beginning                                                                   


The Essence

OhMazing Grace

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