Indian Society and Cultural Piece

Why Diversity in Indian Culture Offers a Greater Proposition for Knowledge Hunters

By, Leo Turpin

Everywhere in the world, one or the other person is talking about the ethnicity of incredible India. However, its magnetic and mesmerizing appeal does all the publicity. Hence, a billion dollars worth has gone into its investments to improve all the facilities and conditions so that India travel becomes more amusing. Indian industries have changed the outlook and also the perspective of many business minded people. They look upon the Indian industry as their competition. As in India, industries such as Jaypee, reliance have occupied their place in global market. List of Indian industries is never ending. And also there is new addition of environmental list of industries to make sure that the industries are environment friendly.
Indian religion
Therefore, there are a lot of factors which makes it unique. It is simply awe inspiring and its picturesque locations such as wildlife sanctuaries, beaches, backwaters, beautiful monuments speak a lot. Pilgrimage places in India are famous for adopting the concept of unity in diversity. There are diverse kinds of religions which follows their own culture and diversity. That is why temples of India are must to visit as they all contribute to the Indian religion. An Indian religion includes Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity and so on. Hence, Indian culture is diverse because of the existence of these different religions.
Specialty of different regions
While travelling India many tourist destinations comes in its varied regions. The various regions have their own specialty. Such as north India, is famous for having the most famous pilgrimage places or centers, and also for the scenic beauty of Punjab and Kashmir. Kashmir is also a hub for many filmmakers. Then moving towards west of India, it has beaches of Goa, the metropolitan cities – Mumbai and Pune, the appealing royalty of Rajasthan and so on. The Southern most part it has the most mesmerizing picturesque of Kerala, mountainous terrain of Ooty. Perhaps, a distinctive kind of Indian crafts can be seen in this area. People are so talented that they conduct various kinds of exhibitions are held all over so that even people get aware of their own country.
Indian culture
However, tourists are also impressed by Indian food and Indian clothes. The country is growing in its fashion sense and is also traditional when it comes down to Indian rituals. Indian saris are globally famous and various fashion enthusiasts are always using this as a prime dress all over. Then, in terms of Indian cuisine, south Indian cuisine has its uniqueness. Most of the items are prepared from the rice which is very much grown and exported from the country all over. Moving towards eastern part, it is though very different from other due to its quietness.
Microwave changed the outlook of Indian food
However, now a day, lot of things has changed in Indian food. Coming up of microwaves have changed the style of Indian recipes. Hence, now everything can be prepared on just setting the time of microwave. Microwave cooking has become the hype. Even various books have been launched which contains the Indian microwave recipes which are also globally read. Microwave recipes have changed the outlook of Indian cookery.
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