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The Ultimate Give Back- Giving Sharing Recognizing “Love”

If you’ve noticed the lack of love for self and community, you may need to Check out the True Love Movement. Help is here, if not, on the way. The True Love Movement Founded by Ayanna Molina, a native of New Orléans, The movement is Spearheaded by A team of very interesting and positive people. Although Mrs. Molina Started The True Love movement to allow women of color to meet & do
health and wellness through coaching, community activism and producing creative arts and media that promote self-awareness and self-LOVE; the True Love Movement also Empowers and Uplift men of color. Shack Speaks; of The True Love Movement is a Community Empowerment Specialist based in New Orléans, Louisiana, but serves communities nationally. Shack Speaks partners with many community organizations to unify and mobilize the community-at-large for economic development, social change and self-sustainability. Brotha Shack thinks that deliberate action changes things- nothing can be closer to the truth, except the change itself. The True Love Movement most definitely warrants the attention and effort of a divided community, that once united this county, but more so because their goal and mission is to aid in the restoration of life, One Love. For more info Visit:

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