Jeanine Truly

Jeanine Truly- The Review

Jeanine Truly Jeanine Truly—A Truly Remarkable New Talent “Jeanine Truly,” the self-titled début album, is fully laced with the get down and groove sound. While Jeanine Truly delivers honest and heartfelt vocals you can feel, it will take you on an intimate universoul journey. The live studio-recorded CD “Jeanine Truly” guided by vision & love, and steered by the influential sounds of funk, rock, rhythm and blues, soul and pop music, propelled by a group of musicians from around the world. The CD opens with the track “Give Back the Love,” led by a booming horn section with Jackie Coleman of the Chase Experiment, while Nate Jones offers up the bass on the track—as he does on most of the CD. “Keep on Risin”, one of my favorites, delivers an upbeat and energetic sound that calls you to get into this with some movement. Other stand-out cuts include “Pacifier,” on which New Orléans own King Tut plays alto sax, “Why You Gotta” and “Fire in My Heart”; featuring Blind Fury on piano & Hammond organ, as well as on a few other tracks. In the song, she sings, “I want to love, I wanna sing, want to inspire & help to bring us together…” Jeanine Truly has done just that in this promising début album. by L images

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