When It’s a #SuperDay

You’ll see Champion Moves; reading cd insert; like a newspaper Real enthusiast stuff if ya know what I’m saying. Buss how I was Downtown Brooklyn, coming from pearl St, onto Fulton St, as I turned the corner, I was serene, it felt good; perhaps it had something to do with the two women I saw while heading up to this point. They were both dressed in Muslim garments, but, it was the spiritual presence of these ladies that felt so serene. So I’m approaching the corner and had a thought of the crew that once upon a time offered hugs on 125th st. I don’t know, maybe I saw them in my peripheral vision, And recognized something but I walked straight into a prayer group, not one but it was so many of them. I thought that was type super, word! Anyway, that was what it was today. I am Mos Def going to buy a CD this week, Just to look and shop for one, I haven’t done that in a minute, and been buying my cd’s, used originals, word. Thanks for a #superday – Now that’s peace.

Have a #SuperDay


I am the guy people always ask what do you think. So Now I’m asking you. Do you like it or not, of the things people ask me about.

Say what you feel (be nice about it)

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