Thu. Jan 17th, 2019

The Liberated Soul Collective

Liberated Soul Collective

This post is about New Orléans own Liberated Soul Collective.  We’ve  searched the internet to see what the fans are talking about. we’ll post up some videos, links, anything we can find that’s related to “Liberated Soul Collective”.  If you’re a fan like I am, please feel free to comment, post, repost and share your favorites and likes of “The Liberated Soul Collective” and the world will thank you for it. So, please upload share something that can enrich culture and enliven society.
Liberated Soul Collective EPK Video Fall 2011
Liberated Soul Collective @ Apollo Theater

GF Sits Tavia Osbey and chats about Liberated Soul Collective, NYC, and their northeast tour.

We can’t apologize for the music in the back, nope. They were busy, so we had to get this Q&A in during their sound check, which sounds quite fresh, tell me you’ll hear how fresh that sound is? OMG, man, you must have thought they were performing during this interview, their sound check sounded so good. The Original Post

The Liberated Soul Collective


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