Love is apologetic

These People are Knocking Negroes round

more popping now, even woman, be, for, or going down.

And it’s real- you feel it in ya soul, this peace; is how you know.

So when we say it’s all kinetic, it’s wild, how life from the cosmic you, operates in real time.

Your World is your mind, so is mind the world, connected to the Black cosmic spiritual Universe- like a battery!

The soul uses the body to operate all of this.

So while time got you focusing on competing against minds, and that’s only the battery- The soul, is where the spirit is, and it’s like sparks just flying all around.

From head to toe all kinds of sounds, feelings, and vibration are in motion like solar rays themselves, flowing in our veins.

With all the rhythms in the muscles and the heart, you must feel all this compassion for the world and from it. Then, While driving to a gig, on the cig- you know how it is- when it’s the first day- Confident- Strong- And Superior- at all cost.

Your Life

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