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Getzfamous Chops it up with Tavia Osbey Of Soul savvy Entertainment, a New Orleans based, Media Production and Management firm. S.S.E Manages Liberated Soul Collective, Tank and the bangas, and other talents. If you want to know more about Soul Savvy Entertainment and their talented roster vist &
Getzfamous hangout with Derrick Freeman, The Entertainer. Derrick Freeman is a full-time musician, recording & performing artist, actor, and comedian. Derrick Talks about the album “Blurple Pain & the artist on the album, Morgan freeman, and just righteous champion moves. Derrick Freeman The Entertainer
Flower Conreto
I did my bid
In the Concrete Jungle
with the Heathens
and left screaming.
Now, Catch me sipping sweet tea
In a new garden of Eden.
Flower Concreto, by Aida Sánchez © Copyright 2013-
The Author of  "Flower Concreto"
The Author of
“Flower Concreto”
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