Attn: Hip Hop Community, Sean Price fans tell em

A Matter of Sean Price- Need everyone to RT for us: You can help Sean Price’s family please make contributions here: #RIPSeanPrice — Buckshot (@Buckshot) August 10, 2015

Dedicated to Sean Price- A Hip Hop Culture Icon

A fans favorite artist: Hip hop Spirit and Soul [<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Sean Price” on Storify</a>]

FYI: Tank and the Bangas.

 Think Tank – Tank and the Bangas #Fantalking #FYI

Love is apologetic

These People are Knocking Negroes round more popping now, even woman, be, for, or going down. And it’s real- you feel it in ya soul, this peace; is how you know. So when we say […]

Hip Hop Culture Tends to do Things, Good Things

But wait, look what he’s done for the kids.

It’s time for a New Air Conditioner-

What a deal

How’s This For a News Flash, Back?

I was reading metro online and peeped this article, The more we can go where we want to the more we get lost going where we want. I’m not with it. Now this is a […]

When It’s a #SuperDay

You’ll see Champion Moves; reading cd insert; like a newspaper Real enthusiast stuff if ya know what I’m saying. Buss how I was Downtown Brooklyn, coming from pearl St, onto Fulton St, as I turned […]

3 Phrases that Keep U from Starting Now [PODCAST]

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Build Your Studio Everywhere

Many students thinks to be a professional portrait photo shoot, be sure to spend a lot of money and have a full equipment Studio, in fact, not necessarily! Recently seen online Photographer  Nick Fancher shared […]

Using Flash B bracket with flash and umbrella

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Monkey Bars… Not What You Think!

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New Image of Pluto: “Houston, We Have Geology” | NASA

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Best (Direct Line To getting The Mind right) Headline ever


Talk shows and Podcast are doing big things These conversational show and networks that host them, are of some serious importance. It a tool act as guidance, serenity, discovery, and the inspiration that’s necessary to […]

Making a Living.

Does anyone buy music? In a world of Spotify, 8tracks, Amazon Prime streaming, Rdio,  Beats Music and Now Apple Music. We are now getting our music for essentially FREE.  We’ve always “rented” the music we […]

Update to progress

All pages have been temporarily taken down and are under construction. This may last two days, or as long as a week. We are remodeling the site & operation for two main reasons; 1. to […]

Get up on it- Tomorrow We Live

Does anyone know what the KB stand for?

Sticks and Stones Break Cops Bones. . . But Rocks are saved for Protest

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