The best part of being an Artist/Songwriter/Producer is when I finish writing a great song or when I hit the stage to perform LIVE. I either perform with my guitar, my DJ or my Band. Nothing comes close to this feeling, not even SEX. Do you agree?


Performing live & getting paid is a dream for most artist but a lot of artists struggle with getting shows. I have something that will change that for you in 2018. Get READY! 2 Years ago, I did over 80 shows in my region. That is the Toronto, Canada Area. Every week, I was doing about 2 – 5 shows per week at different clubs from the spring to the end of the summer. I did it all without a manager or booking agent. JUST ME. I was also getting mad placements on TV shows and short films too. I had about 200 likes on my my Facebook Fan page btw. (I suck at social media lol). I definitely burnt out after a while, which is why I didn’t do it last year or this year, but I will do it again in 2018, and I will do it until I am Mick Jagga old.. lol.


I am not a super ninja, I am just a starving hungry black kid from Africa trying to make a name for myself in Canada, the USA and eventually in the world.


I want to show this to the elite rappers and singers who have been buying beats from me and releasing dope songs lately. Don’t worry if you haven’t purchased beat from me, you can join us too, just make sure you do something with the information, OKAY? Let’s all eat, lets all get successful.


All you need to do is hit me up with “DO IT, DO It, DO IT”…



PS: It is 100% free. No catch. Just buy your mom a nice car when you “make it”. But if you insist, you can send me a TIP afterwards. I take paypal or Bitcoins. 🙂


Bless Up!


– SirLencerBeats.com

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