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Occupational therapist A Professional Dream And God Sent Career
most people have no idea what an occupational therapy or therapist is, so most could not know the functions and duties of one in that profession. Hear what the Students from Conventry University have to say about a career focused on wellness, abilities, and career sustainability & growth.

What does it mean to protect and Serve
Tim really hit a heart spot with this report. Big Ups to Nathan Green for recognizing this. This is something that all the nation should watch. To the young Cameron Simmons: I look forward to seeing you in the future paying this forward and what the world deserves. The Universe knows who to pick, and how to pick em. Officer Gaetano Acerra deserves a community award, and a thank you, and not for doing his job, but for the reason he took the job. This one-act may not instill in the people the trust and belief they deserve, from the justice system, but it should comfort many to know that there are police officers who take the lives of everyone into account, and, is contributing to a different, more positive policing statistics. That's a Champion Move.

So, are you a bully? Is This how you'd expect to be treated? If you think bullying is cool, wait until it happens to you or a loved one, you'll stand up to bullying. Sometimes you can be getting bullied and not know until later; it could in the form of teasing, fraud, extortion, coercion, or even domestic violence. Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, positions, household and colors! Do you know the "Story of Ruby Bridges"? The Federal Government had to get involved to protect her, protect her from the bullies who were using race, and class-based civil influence to shatter her dreams; to pursue an education, America's promise that affords every citizen the rights to the pursuit of happiness, liberty, justice, and freedom. What is freedom and liberty without justice? A grave plantation, that's what!


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