NSANE- Appetite of Destruction

The Nsane Album Review

DIY has proved that Liberty exist.  NSANE is one of the latest artist and DIY’er although he had a deal with Starr Dog Entertainment, an Independent label, he was only able to release a mix tape during the deal. That would have halted the average artist, in traditional times, lucky for the Music community and Hip Hop artist NSANE- we’re past those times.

The Review 

Overall, the album is hardcore, that mean however it go its hard. I like the fact that it sound so street hard its hardcore hip hop, not drug dealing hip hop, pimping hip hop, or criminal hip hop, it’s story hip hop.  It’s entertaining expressive, and determination driven. I think “Appetite of Destruction” has an edge, and will appeal to the Hip Hop headz/fans, I can feel the Hip Hop Culture in his vocal presence and I hope many others do to.  It’s metaphorically laced, full of cool punch lines, and the features match very well. My Favorite off the rip is “Touch the sky”.  I like the vibe of it. Touch the sky has such an underground pop off, get it in sound and feel.  I like the mix-tape ‘Soul Controller’ too, and I think as a critic, should be re-released as an album. Nsane keep it up


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