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The Police & The World Lost One, We Were All Once A Child

Condolences to The Lugo Family

For most, this is when you become a police officer when we’re children, applying what we feel in our hearts to the idea of  life through interpretation using the power of imagination to actually do it, using all our faculties and tools of our agency to manifest it, truthfully as fact. This little brother was seriously a law enforcement officer of the same kind of law enforcement we know today, but Enrique was doing a different job, on the same team, same force. (If this article serves its intended purpose; by the time your done reading you will have shared this article with everyone you know.) He was 11 years old when he rose in the ranks, but every officer and some of you know for this little brother joined allot earlier than that. The world lost a good person, he was 11 years old and knew he wanted to be a chief of police when he grew up and was given the chance to energize the Law enforcement environment, as far as Enrique was concerned I’m sure he was already an officer and committed to serving the community. Champion Moves Little Brother!

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