Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

What’s Love Traveling

What’s Love when the world is crowded and can’t police itself / where people are so selfish they try to kill theirself only to kill someone else, but, can’t beat their own butts. When the hotter the fire the stronger the steel is also the hotter the fire the stonger the steal. What’s Love when it’s more than a Word you feel, what love it’s the cure to all ills- it’s real.  What’s Love when it’s unconditional, what’s Love when it’s spitting through, a 1000 dollar microphone or an empty tube that use to/ be in the bathroom rolled with tissue. That’s love when it’s unconditional. What’s Love no color,  no skin – no kin, Just pure energy op-erating. Love is move making, no fake, love is giving and taking, more like deposits and withdrawals- love is banking on the energy of it and it the only energy that can’t go wrong, that’s love. When everyday is nice and looks like the rest of your life that’s, that’s love.

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